The Rockstar Ranch 

 Brand by The Nubian rockstar 

Specialized  Profiles

We specialize in dressing these profile types and also offer consulting for these rockstar profiles. The profile descriptions and specifications have been developed by The Rockstar Ranch and are for the purpose of style branding.  All profiles can be custom fitted to include unique elements of an individual's style, and to make the final look unique and entirely suiting.  


The Boho Rocker

This rocker likes hats, earth tones, and a mix of materials.  She Typically uses one distinct piece to solidify her rocker side and is almost always layered.  She is all about creating color and textile contrast.

The Glam Rocker

This rocker Loves gold tones and has a distinct rocker edge. It's all about flash; so look for glitter, metallic, and sequin. Look for soft teasing tresses, bold lip color, and high standout heels. Her play on contrast is glam meets edge.

The Corky Chic Rockstar

This standout is surely self-assured.  She is not necessarily a rocker but she is a rockstar.  She goes with what feels good and has a knack for corky cute one of a kind pieces. Expect to see bright colors, polka dots, wild eye wear, and vintage flair. She is all about patterns and usually wears a skirt or dress. Don't be surprised to see platform shoes from this standout.

The Rocker Chic Rocker

This rocker is crazy about leather jackets.  She likes clutch  purses.  A jacket is typically a must and she usually wears lots of jeans.  She has a very simple approach to style but still knows how to steal the show.  Her color palette is generally black, blue, white, gray, and jean but she can appreciate a pop of color.  Look for cut outs, graphic tees, funky heels and rad jackets.

The Flirty Rocker

A bit of a girly type yet with a definite hard edge.  This rocker is a walking contrast.  Look for lace, faint floral prints, and shear textiles. A Jacket is almost always a must for this distinct rocker.  Be on the lookout for platform booties and boots with laces.  She likes the contrast of black leather with shears pieces.  She is also a big fan of stockings and tights.

The Nubian Rocker

She is a rockstar mainly because of her standout appeal.  She celebrates her natural coils/curls and mainly uses her tresses to celebrate her heritage.  She at times, tends to over accessorize and always sports daring hair, head wear, or make up. Her style doesn't have many rules but expect contrast, bold patterns, bulky jewelry, and lots of intrigue.  Don't be surprised to see a fashion wrap on her head.