The Rockstar Ranch 

 Brand by The Nubian rockstar 



Enlist our services today for your next Talk, Conference, Business Meeting, Party, Performance, Presentation, Photo Shoot, or other Prime Time Event.


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Style Branding

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Especially for Creative Professionals.  

If you need to "streamline" your wardrobe, or create a signature style, then this service is for YOU!!



Fashion and Wardrobe Styling

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"Our niche is selecting key and staple pieces, that strongly represent the personality and style of the client, and that can function in a variety of combinations; even from casual to professional.   We push past normal, everyday, and overly showcased concepts to find and develop new wardrobe models for our clients.  We also create capsule collections and develop style specifications to keep clients on brand."

Ready to step outside the confines of Trend, Season, and the Norm? 

We can deliver you a look that will make you magnetic. Let us show you how to "become a business card" in a room full of prospects and potential clients


Hair Styling


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What's a Killer Wardrobe without Killer Hair??

Let us help you create a complete look for your next engagement with an Emo Hair Cut, Hair Color, Fun Curls, a Vintage Pin Up, or otherwise.